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Winter Storm Health

With the winter storm approaching, there are many ways to prepare, such as laying low or leaving your house a few minutes early.

But there’s also the health side to preparing, especially if you or your loved ones have any medical conditions.

Douglas Braff spoke with an official from Geisinger today to learn more about how to prepare for this storm on the health front.

Douglas. Yes, we know to shovel our driveways and to clean the snow off our cars. But how do we keep our bodies out of harm’s way in a snowstorm like this? For these
answers, I went to Alex Haines, a trauma program manager at Geisinger Health.

He tells me the best plan for during the storm is not to go out onto the roadways, but if you plan to venture out onto the roads, prepare for the journey.

“So extra blankets, you know some water in your car. Any medications if you’re planning to travel a distance for a period of time and also dress in layers even though
you’re going to be in a car. Snacks, foods and drinks for while you’re in the car for those travels are also pretty important.”

If you choose to stay at home during the snowfall, Haines says the best thing to do is to stay on top of your snow removal.

“Don’t wait for the snow to get heavy a little bit at a time is a lot better for your overall health.”

He says he sees an increase in those with medical needs during this time. Someone who doesn’t normally be active outside may overexert themselves when clearing snow.

“If you are going outside, make sure you wear a mask or something so you’re breathing in a little bit warmer air because the cold air can can really wreak havoc on your
lungs or find the local neighborhood kid that can is looking for an extra buck to come and shovel your walk for you.
We do say we have a labor shortage, so yeah.”

He also reminds people what heating their homes not to leave any heaters near unattended or near water.

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