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World of Olympic Gymnastics

A new streaming series airing now on Peacock looks at the world of Olympic gymnastics. Rick Damigella talked with olympian, Dominique Dawes, for this story.

“Elite gymnastics will keep you up at night.”

Golden delves into the world of Olympic gymnastics and the women who compete in it. The streaming series features and is produced by four time Olympic medalist Dominique Dawes.

“I’m excited to be an executive producer of ‘Golden’ along with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and another amazing group and team of people. This is really going to shine the light on the Olympic pursuits for Olympic hopefuls and the support of gymnastics.”

“I feel like I know my gymnastics better than ever.”

“Everyone’s used to seeing the glamorous experiences as Olympic gymnasts on the podium or once they make the Olympic team, but no one’s really had access to the raw and very intense footage of how we get there or don’t get there. Many of these athletes are not going to make it.

“They don’t see the journey and the road and the level of sacrifice it takes to get there.”

“And as a three-time Olympian who went through this for much of my childhood, it really brought back a level of great anxiety, a little level of uh PTSD watching this, because I know what these young girls are going through.”

“It’s just a scary feeling when you only have one chance to be perfect.”

In Hollywood, I’m Rick Damigella.

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