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YMCA Anti Hunger Drive

What has become A “rolling food bank in 2 counties” Continues to roll-on Feeding families in need In 7 school districts.

As Gary Sinderson tells us The “Centre County YMCA’s, Anti-Hunger, Program” Is doing it Through new partnerships.

Last week we told you about 83 year old Jerry Gross-and his fund raising bike ride that pulled in nearly 5 thousand dollars for the YMCA’s anti-hunger campaign. This week the Y is teaming up with the Centre Pa 4th Fest for a food drive Its grassroots fundraising

“It make a difference. I tell people, I get folks coming up to me to give me five dollars. that helps feed a needy kid. people want to be part of this People want to be part of the contributors if they’re able. Some who not to long ago were making contributions, are now on the other end- seeking assistance-termed the “new hungry”

So this isnt going to end soon, with the number of people in need increasing, not getting their jobs back,and in need of food.

More than 200 tons of food has already been distributed by the Centre County YMCA and officials vow,it wont stop with the current summer lunch campaign. That the program to feed the needy will be in place until the end of the year at least.

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