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Young Chefs at Penn State

Students from across the region returning to Penn State today, as Gary Sinderson tells us, the young chefs come up with very impressive menu items. What’s cooking, Nancy Daniel Proustian invitation, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association.

“Their first course is going to be a seared tuna appetizer with some crispy one tines on a spicy avocado. And they’re doing an Asian spice New York strip steak as the entree with a cold sub menu, the salad and some mighty mushroom tempura. And for dessert, they’re doing a steamed munchetty cake.”

Ah yes, a Japanese East Asian cuisine menu.

That’s a three course meal prepared by the State College High School team. Here is their first year here, and the competition is formative.

“It’s very technical and very impressive that, you know, at the age of 16 to 18, these kids really have it going on”

For the state high team The menu planning and then taste testing took weeks.

“Some of the desserts were very strong and it was very busy at first. But we found the right combination. A lot of the test runs for like salsas were very strong, toned it down a lot”

In the prepared meals reviewed and judged by professionals in the business, a great opportunity for the students to do networking on their future career menus.

“This event lets them showcase their skills, lets our industry come and see what the student programs are doing across the state, and just highlights how important it is for us to be supporting these programs and supporting these students.”

There are plenty of jobs available for the young chefs,

“So we have opportunities for every level of education if you want to come out of high school and join our ranks. That’s great if you want to go to college. That’s great if you need help with college funding. Lots of employers are willing to make that investment in you.”

Most on the state high team are already interested in a future in the culinary arts.

“I didn’t really foresee myself going in this field until I joined high schools like what the heck was one to call, but I really like it.”

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