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Zuckerberg Election Grant

Hard to believe what looks like an old recycled mail box could lead to so much controversy and court battles. Yet with less than a month to go before election day, their status for the election remains uncertain.

Wednesday county employees busy with equipment and shipments for county polling places. Plans are to add six more ballot drop boxes county wide along with the one currently outside of county administrative offices.

But in the courts, related cases still pending. One from President Trump’s campaign would ban the use of the boxes.

Another federal case is ties to the more than 860 thousand dollars Centre County is receiving from an organization funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as part of national effort to cover election costs.

But a group known as the Pennsylvania Voter Alliance filing suit against Centre and Delaware Counties, along with Philadelphia , claiming violations of the state’s election code.

The judge in that case issuing a new order,saying he’s striving for a “just,speedy and inexpensive determination”. But no word if it will be before election day. County administrators ,for now staying with their plans

“So we have protocols in place,we’ve been contacted by other counties to share our plan. if the courts rules against us,so be it,and if they don’t,we’ll continue on.”

Close to 30 thousand applications for mail in and absentee ballots have already been received in Centre County and a reminder the deadline to register to vote in next months election is fast approaching. Its October 19th.

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