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Convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky is still fighting for a new court hearing.

His latest appeal to the State Superior Court was just filed.

Sandusky’s latest appeal in State Superior Court is in response to a ruling made last Summer in his case

A ruling that basically sides with Prosecutors, the Attorney Generals Office in denying Sandusky a new hearing. Sandusky’s attorneys say evidence that came to light after his conviction,

Points to his accusers being coached by Therapists and Attorneys to claim they were abused in whats termed Repressed Memory. Many of those accusers, when initially contacted by police, denied any Abuse by Sandusky.

His attorneys want a new hearing on the validity of Repressed Memory, and say his original trial jury should of heard more testimony about Repressed Memory. In the ruling last year, The new evidence was termed “Scattershot” by the presiding judge and also a variation on themes that have already been presented in court.

Sandusky’s attorneys also continuing to fight his court Ordered restitution that was originally close to $98 thousand dollars, and then lowered a decade after his trial to about $44 thousand dollars.

No word on how soon the State Superior Court could Make a ruling on Sandusky’s latest appeal.


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