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Cambria County Commissioners Meeting

Conversations were heated at the Cambria County Commissioner’s meeting as union workers fought to raise case worker wages.

The Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to bring in an outside company to assess the county’s Children and Youth Services so that they can provide recommendations and suggestions.

But the union workers who showed up to the meeting say they already have the solution and that’s to raise case worker wages for recruiting and retention.

“We’re short staffed, but we’re in the 31st month of a 60-month contract that they negotiated. So, all the sudden, we’re the bad guys? We’re protecting the taxpayers of Cambria County. We love children. We love our workers.”

“How much more crisis can you be at than having 12 out of 36 workers to deal with a 700 square mile county, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children? We can’t continue like this.”

The Commissioners say they implemented a monthly tuition reimbursement to help hire case workers.

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