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Centre County Adding Animal Control Officer

Citing an increase in animal abuse cases, Centre County is adding an Animal Control Officer in it’s Sheriff’s Department to handle investigations like these ones. Gary Sinderson has our story

A project a long time in the making that’s how Centre County Administrators term the creation of a Centre County based Humane, or Animal Control Officer position for animal abuse investigations

“In Centre County we do not have any Humane Society Police Officers. We have a decent relationship with the Humane Society out of Blair Co, the Central Pa. Humane Society. But we need our own

Thursday the County Commissioners approve designating a current Deputy Sheriff as the new Humane Officer. He’ll be able to conduct investigations currently handled by local law enforcement

“Police departments want to get back on the road. We’ll take the time they spend on animal investigations. They’ll call lets us know. 911 will probably dispatch us. It’s going to get officers back on the street, we’re going to streamline by having our deputies do it”

County officials say there’s still a lot work to do including the specialized training the new officer will need to complete.

Another issue having local animal shelters on board in case they’re needed

“You have a situation like you had in Bedford recently where they gathered 99 dogs. You need a network to make this work

Its expected Centre County’s new Humane Officer will begin work sometime this Spring.

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