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Centre County Anti Hunger Program

As SNAP benefits face a sizeable decrease at the end of this month, food banks and other service agencies are already seeing the impact.

With the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits being cut by millions of dollars, food service agencies say this is another reason why they push hard for donations and collection drives.

“If we’re doing anything through a federal program, every family has to fill out a self-declaration form. They’re self-declaring their income for food that we get donated from a corporation, community, whatever; there’s no restrictions on how that food can be distributed.”

Centre County YMCA’s anti-hunger program has launched food education programs, including a garden and growing area in Clearfield County, creating education and interest in producing healthy meal choices.

“We have plans for one field that’s going to yield us 50,000 pounds of food. We’re working with students at Penn State Agriculture Department on a major project.”

With food distribution demands for those in need increasing, and SNAP benefits decreasing, many families will lose at least $100 per month, and the garden project and other self-sustainability concepts are becoming more vital.

“Too many people rely on federal and state governments to take care of these programs, and they can’t. Now, more than ever, it’s important for local communities to wrap their arms around their neighbors to make then stronger.”

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