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Centre County Recycling Program

Pennsylvania’s recycling program is just one of the industries impacted by the pandemic.

But to the surprise of some experts, it’s actually survived the past two years better than expected, and is now paying dividends statewide.

In the latest round of statewide funding for recycling programs, Centre County’s recycling and refuse program, along with 8 county municipalities receiving grants totaling close to two million dollars

“I am very happy to say Centre County probably got more money than anywhere else in the state, including Philadelphia”

The recycling market in Pennsylvania, a 23 billion dollar a year industry, with a lot of economic variables. The pandemic for instance, with more at home shopping, spurring a huge increase in cardboard use for packaging. Even the warin Ukraine is a factor

“Because one of the largest paper factories in Europe is in the Ukraine, so that was not able to operate, some of the paper pulp coming into the United States from Europe, and vice versa,has been stopped”

The new round of state funding in Centre County will be used in multiple ways. From upgrading hauling and process equipment to providing more soil composting stations. At the Centre County Authority Headquarters this Friday and
Saturday, its their annual hazardous waste collection program.

There’s still time to pre-register. Across the state, some communities forced to shut down, or limit recycling programs due to cost issues but in centre county

“Here in Centre County, nothing has been stopped, we just added a drop off box in Taylor Township, so people her are committed to recycling”

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