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Centre County Responsible Contractors Ordinance

In Centre County, a controversial ordinance on county government construction projects is approved.

As Gary Sinderson reports there are lingering questions about its possible future impact.

The Responsible Contractor Ordinance, RCO , that outlines requirements for construction projects

“Generally speaking the objectives of the RCO are to insure safe timely projects per spec and codes while at the same time providing the lowest overall cost to county taxpayers”

During a lengthy public hearing Tuesday with the Centre Commissioners on the RCO, familiar arguments for and against

“While the chamber supports the county aim to insure accessibility, this ordinance imposes excessive restrictions that will negatively impact our local contracts and businesses”

Others backing the measure

“It will be a landmark ordinance that will benefit our centre county community by making sure there’s a more level playing field. that our public projects will be completed on time with the highest quality”

This RCO aimed at only covering county government projects over 250 thousand dollars

“It’s’ going to shut out a lot of local just is.there’s no way you can say where going to have x amount of county things using county contractors.its just not going to happen”

But Steve Dershem was the lone commissioner no vote the other two commissioners approving the RCO proposal

“Studies from across the country show RCO’s help promote highest quality service while reducing costs and delays”

While it was thought this RCO would only cover the 30 million dollar upcoming upgrade to the former Centre Crest facility

The commissioners now say there may other upcoming county jobs at the courthouse and elsewhere, where the RCO will apply

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