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Darlene Thomas – Organist

Encore Presentation

We sat down with Darlene Thomas, the Organist at the Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren who has been playing the organ for 60 years. Darlene tells us about beginning to learn to play the piano as a child and her teacher guiding her to play the Organ. She tells us about being asked to be the organist and pianist for the church nearly 60 years ago, and how she dedicated herself to her role at the church since then.

Darlene speaks on the changes of the music over the years, including playing Piano for a contemporary service in addition to playing Organ for traditional services at the Church. We asked Darlene about her favorite songs and times of year in her role as Organist.

Darlene give her hopes for the future generations of musicians and more specifically, Organists. She gives her fondest memories of playing at the Church, including an interesting Wedding story. Finally, Darlene speaks on the appreciation the congregation shows to her for fulfilling her role as Organist for all these years.

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