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Decorated Air Force Pilot Was Honored Today In Millheim

One decorated Air Force Pilot was honored Today in his hometown of Millheim.

The late Lieutenant General Robert D. Springer will now be remembered there forever, as part of Route 445 is officially named in his honor.

Springer was a command pilot with more than 6000 flying hours and 72 combat missions. He was in the air force for more than thirty years,

And received numerous medals including a distinguished service medal. He served in Vietnam and West Germany, and worked in the Air Force Headquarters.

Springer passed away in 2021, and Today his family came to the Millheim Fire Hall to celebrate his legacy. His children told stories about him and his many achievements, and how much he loved his hometown

“He’s received a number of awards and accolades but I just know this would be so special to be a road going by his boyhood home where he grew up at in Millheim, so this is just really very special and it’s neat for all of us to be here Today.”

They say he lived right off of the road now named in his honor, and say driving on it and seeing the sign with their father’s name was a special moment for the whole family.

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