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Giles Case goes to Trial

The case against Johnstown man Brian Giles, who was charged in May in the death of his wife Nancy, will head to trial.

Giles appeared in Cambria County court Wednesday afternoon for the first time following his arrest in mid-May, when police charged him with homicide in the disappearance and death of his wife, following a three-and-a-half-year investigation.

Investigators says Brian’s wife Nancy was first reported missing in October of 2018.

Authorities say several months later, her body was discovered along the James Wolf Sculpture Trail.

Following years of speculation and investigation, police, in May, said they “finally” had enough evidence to charge Giles for his wife’s death.

In a lengthy criminal affidavit, investigators outlined numerous “examples” where Brian reportedly discussed details of the case that were not made known to the general public.

Wednesday’s testimony included some of the “graphic” details of the investigation and corroborated statements in the affidavit that Giles had allegedly described those details to others in a way that only someone with “intimate” knowledge of the crime would be able to.

Authorities say Giles also faces harassment and assault charges against another missing woman, Jilly Todaro, who has been missing since December of 2020.

Giles will be formally arraigned next month.

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