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Jeff Thomas Bail Hearing

The embattled Somerset County District Attorney accused of sex assault is facing the possibility of going back to jail.

Today, the Attorney General’s office filed a motion to revoke the bail for Jeff Thomas, the suspended DA.

Nicole Fuschino has been following the story for us and has more information.

Somerset County District Attorney Jeff Thomas spent a night in jail a few days ago but paid the necessary bail to get out.

On Wednesday, Thomas was accused of new crimes, after prosecutors say he chased a witness connected to his original sexual assault case.

Court documents filed by the AG’s office say he crashed his truck into the witnesses vehicle in Windber and police video shows him taunting the person.

The suspended District Attorney remains in the center of that sexual assault case being handled by the State Attorney General’s office. In that case thomas is accused of sexually assulting a woman in her Windber home back in

He was arraigned earlier this Week in a separate case on assault charges for allegedly punching his wife Amy last May, according to police.

Here inside the Cambria County Courthouse, we learned more about that incident which officials are now calling domestic violence.

Officials reveal that in May of 2021 thomas and his wife, Amy, were driving when a witness on Facetime saw Thomas repeatedly punching her. The witness reported the incident to police.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Patrick Schulte read the text messages in court Thursday Morning between Amy and the witness where amy told the witness to tell police that everything she said was a lie.

Judge Creany granted a motion for protective order Thursday Morning to prohibit contact between the witness and Jeff Thomas saying no communication is allowed and they must stay 500 feet from each other.

Amy Thomas sent us a statement saying “It is clear that these agencies are not acting on behalf of the interests of the alleged victim in this case, rather they are attempting to further harm and embarrass my husband.”

There will be a hearing Tomorrow morning at 11:00 am at the Somerset County Courthouse to determine whether or not Thomas’s bail will be revoked which will tell us whether or not Thomas will he headed back to jail.

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