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Liquid Currency Bar Purchased

A local bar that has been through multiple shootings has just been purchased by another business in Cambria County. This after it’s former Owner says he wants to move to something else.

The Owner of the Phoenix Tavern in Johnstown says he has been wanting to purchase the Cambria City bar for some time now. This following the establishment’s latest shooting. Police say 42-year-old Dirk Jones is responsible for killing 21-year-old Caleb Beppler outside of Liquid Currency, in the early morning of June 10th. Authorities say a group of people were fighting outside the bar, Jones approaching them with a handgun, firing seven shots toward the group of people. Jones now jailed on a slew of charges, including First Degree Murder.

Meanwhile, David Sapolich – the Owner of Phoenix Tavern – which is right next door to Liquid Currency, is buying the bar. Sapolich says plans for the future of the establishment have not been finalized yet. Sapolich saying: “Liquid Currency, we’ve been eyeing it through the previous owners. When the opportunity came up… When Shawn Jones wanted out of the business, He approached me, and I said yes, I’ll definitely buy it.”

Sapolich says he did not purchase the bar’s liquor license. He says the Tavern will primarily focus on food, and that it could be a more family friendly option, for what’s next. Sapolich adding: “We want to have something that caters to the family. If you feel comfortable sending your wife and your children down here without you, like sure, you know. Go there, that’s a nice neighborhood. Because then we get that at the Phoenix.”

The mother of Caleb Beppler says her and 3,000 others are filing for the former bar’s liquor license to be revoked by the State, come August 11th. She says she is confident in Sapolich taking ownership, hoping this will help stop future incidents. Sapolich, in closing: “It just could have been prevented, you know?”

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