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Memorial Day Monument

Kasey Mosser, an Eagle Scout candidate, unveiled his monument project at the entrance to Union Cemetery.

It’s a monument dedicated to the members of the United States Armed Forces and first responders.

In all, it took him approximately 1 year to compete the monument.

He chose this project because Claysburg is a small, close knit community that boasts many veterans and first responders.

“We all have First Responders, and we all have veterans in our families, and we shouldn’t forget about them. Everyday, if we see someone out in public, that is either a veterans or a First Responder, to thank them for all that they do; that’s what this project was mainly for.” 17 seconds.

Kasey raised $10 thousand dollars for the project, mainly by going around the community and asking for donations.

With the money that was left over, he donated to the Disabled American Veterans, the Claysburg Fire Company and the Claysburg Union Cemetery for up keep of the grounds.

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