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National EAS Alert Test Wednesday

A nationwide test of the emergency alert system is scheduled for Wednesday around 2:20 p.m.

Officials say the test will be sent to all radios, televisions and cell phones.

We spoke with local emergency agencies about what people should expect.

It will be the third nationwide test and the second one sent to all consumer cell phones. The last test occurred in 2021.

The test will run for thirty minutes but that does not mean you will have the alert for all 30 minutes.

Scott Mignot, of the Clearfield County Emergency Management Agency, says that the alert will pop up once and then go away shortly after.

He also said that this is just a test and that no action is required when the message shows up on your phone or TV.

He also discussed the Code-Red alert system that is used in Clearfield County, and many counties across the state.

He said this system gives local emergency management agencies the chance to send out locally based alerts.

He also explained the difference between the national and county alert systems and why it is important to have both.

“They can alert specific areas like whatever state is going to be impacted by a disaster, but here at the county level, we can do that also and through our code red, we can alert from just the county down to a particular building on a block.”

If you want to sign up for your local code red alerts, head over to your county’s emergency management website.

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