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New Details in Deadly Trooper Shooting

We have more information in the Shooting case of two State Troopers in Juniata County. We are getting important clarification from State Police on the events leading up to the deadly events of this past Saturday. The details surround the mental health of Brandon Stine, the person who shot the two troopers.

Stine’s family say that Brandon was having delusions in a Facebook post, saying they did not put him in custody on a 302 Mental Health Warrant. In a statement from Friday, June 16th, (the night before the shooting) PSP Lewistown received a call asking Troopers to check on the welfare of Stine. The statement says his family described his behavior as erratic, but they were not made aware of any threats Stine made against himself or others.

Troopers say they checked multiple residencies for him that evening, but were unable to locate him. Eventually when Stine was encountered, it was at the Police Barracks where Stine went and started the fatal shootout. Stine and one of the State Troopers were killed in the event.

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