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New Lights Installed at Circle of Hope

When a local mother’s monument for her son who lost his battle with addiction was vandalized

She turned to a local electrician for help on how to better light it at night to deter any future problems.

Here’s more on their story.

“It was heartbreaking to see that somebody wanted to destroy something that was put here for others comfort and support, but I felt determined that I wasn’t going to let it bring me down.
So, I decided to reach out to Brent Cogan and ask him if he had a better solution, like a street light type of thing that I could possibly; just steer me in the right direction, and he actually offered to do the research for me.
And he said, ‘Marianne, I’m going to light the way in this dark time for you.’”

“Honestly, it was pretty heart wrenching that somebody could be so cruel to damage such a beautiful, you know, creation; especially Marianne and what she had to deal with in her family.
So, you know, we wanted to step in and help out how we can. I really felt bad, and I was like, ‘geez, I’m not going to charge her for this, we’re just going to take care of it.’”

“And, honestly, I was really excited about it and I knew my team would be too.”

“So, Brent helping me was just unbelievable; I was just shocked that he was going to do this whole thing, and so grateful, you know, that I’m going to have lighting again at night because It’s, you know, it’s great to see those
three words; I think that everyone can benefit from those three words being lit up. And, at night it’s still nice to come bye and still see that message to people. So, I’m thrilled that this is happened today.”

“Honestly, it’s the best part of my job, you know, being able to give back to the community. I’ve been in business for twenty plus years and, honestly, the community has given us more than I could have ever expected, and it’s great to get out there and provide people with service. So, with this, you know, it was an easy thing to step up and take on, and I know Marianne really appreciated it.”

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