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New Officers in Bigler Township

One Municipality in Clearfield County now has three new Officers on its Police force. The Officers were sworn in on Friday — as the newest members of the Bigler Township Regional Police Department. Officials say the new Officers — who will work part time — also serve as members of the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Department.

We spoke with the Bigler Township Police Chief about what the Officers’ experience means for his Department, and the Bigler Township area as a whole. Chief Lucas Butler of the Bigler Township Regional Police Department saying: “I’m extremely confident, most of these guys, I think every single one of them have over twenty years Law Enforcement experience, whether working for the Sheriff’s Department, working for Police Departments, or retired from Police Departments, so we wanted to make sure we brought people out here that had the experience.”

Chief Butler adds the Officers will be on patrol as much as possible, and that the Department will also receive coverage assistance from State Police.

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