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Oakhurst Homes Mold Concerns

Residents of Johnstown’s Oakhurst Homes are reaching out about concerns of potential mold in their apartments. After hearing from several Oakhurst community members that reached out to FOX 8, our News Team followed up with the Johnstown Housing Authority about the situation. Executive Director Michael Alberts says they are aware of the concerns. Alberts gave us a statement saying quote: “We take all reports of hazards in the home very seriously and have dedicated staff to quickly remediate items that need addressed.”

Alberts goes on to say the Department of Housing and Urban Development has also been made aware of the concerns at Oakhurst and they will follow up and provide guidance as needed. But Dominque Ingram is a Resident of Oakhurst and says she believes mold could have played a role in her daughter’s death. She says her daughter Helena died when she was a few months old and according to the death certificate, the cause of death is viral Pneumonia.

According to the Department of Health in Illinois, it is uncommon for mold to cause Pneumonia, but it can happen in people with weakened immune systems. However mold is a fungus, not a virus. Ingram says she believes the alleged mold played a role. Ingram saying: “For years I drove myself crazy calling housing saying ‘I think it’s mold.’ They were telling me it was mildew.” Ingram says she brought Bio One of Johnstown into her apartment about a month ago and says they found mold spores in the bathroom and her daughter’s bedroom.

Bio One tells us they cannot confirm that at this time for confidentiality reasons.

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