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P.E.T.A. Officials Concern On Animal Abuse

P.E.T.A. is reacting to the case of a juvenile in our area, who reportedly filmed himself strangling and killing a duck.

The organization encouraging local school districts to take action.

“If we fail to provide young people with this essential education early on, we will continue to see them hurting more animals and other humans.”

According to P.E.T.A., research shows that approximately 43% of school shooting perpetrators first committed acts of cruelty against animals. This is why animal abusers can pose a serious threat to the community when at large, they emphasize.

“Any time minors commit violence against animals, it is a serious issue. So, we’re urging the Westmont Hilltop School District to implement P.E.T.A.’s human education curriculum immediately.”

We also received a statement from P.E.T.A. senior director, Marta Holmberg, which says “A young person posting a video of himself choking a duck shows how critical it is to be taught empathy from an early age.”

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