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Paris Uniform In Dubois Closing

According to Dubois Mayor Pat Reasinger, 113 employees will be laid off from the Paris Uniform Services location on Hoover Avenue in Dubois.

“That’s a lot for Dubois, quite a bit, and I feel sorry for the families, it affects the kids and everything, that’s what’s most important is the families,”

In March, Cintas Corp. acquired Paris Uniform Services after more than 45 years of operating on its own.

Paris Uniform Services CEO David Stern said, “Cintas allows us to do this and values their employee-partners. I know that our organization is in great hands.”

The State Department of Labor and Industry says that the company filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, also known as a WARN notice, to inform the state that their four Pennsylvania facilities will close and the workers will be laid off.

They also say that more than 100 employees were notified of this decision on April 11.

“They all pay taxes in Dubois, they pay the privilege of use tax, plus income tax to the city of Dubois, It’ll affect us, but mostly like I said it’s going to really affect those families, I feel bad for them.”

According to the WARN notice, all terminations will be effective June 30 and are expected to be permanent.

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