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Possibility of State Police Station in Johnstown

Could a State Police Station come to the city of Johnstown? That’s what one State Representative says he’s hoping for. “Once you have more police on the street it’s obvious that crime will go down and it’ll be a deterrent for people. And I see people and talk to them every day. There are people living in fear inside the city of Johnstown.” That’s State Representative Frank Burns explaining why he wrote a letter to Governor Shapiro asking for a Pennsylvania State Police Substation in the city of Johnstown.

However, State Representative Jim Rigby says it may not make a great difference. Rigby saying: “I don’t want to give people a false sense of security by putting a substation in Johnstown. That’s what people are going to see and think that there’s more protection, that’s not the case.” Rigby says even with a Station in Johnstown, State Troopers would often be patrolling outside the City.

A Spokesperson of PSP says a Substation could be added, but it is highly unlikely another Station would be formed at this point, especially without closing another Station in the area. Burns adding: “I think it may be a longshot, but what do we have to lose? We’re suffering under the weight of the crime issue we have now.”

The City says this about the idea. Melissa Komar, Johnstown Interim City Manager saying: “The Johnstown Police Department continues to provide complete, uninterrupted professional Law Enforcement services for our city as well as the four area municipalities and a 24/7 basis.”

Amy Bradley, who is running against Burns in the upcoming election, says this about her view: “I’m 100 percent behind anything that benefits our Police and makes out community safer for sure. I guess my question would be have the Johnstown Police Department, were they aware of this? Did they have a chance to weigh-in?” Burns, when asked that question, saying: “I’ve had limited discussions. They’re aware of it, both State Police and the City of Johnstown Police Chief. I have not received any comments from them or any issues from them directly.”

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