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Republican Senate Race

Nationally all eyes are on Pennsylvania Tonight as we watch who will make it on the ballot this Fall to compete for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Seven candidates are looking for a chance to run in November, and replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey.

Attention is focused on 3 candidates, Dave McCormick, Mehmet Oz and Kathey Barnette.

We begin with Nicole Fuschino who is live in Pittsburgh now with the latest on the Republican Primary.

I’m standing outside of Hotel Indigo in East Liberty where U.S. Senate Candidate David McCormick is expected to be this evening.

Some are calling Pa the center of the political universe Tonight since the result of this race sets the stage for November to see if the Senate seat vacated by Pat Toomey stays Red or flips to Blue.

Following the Republican Primary first off we have David McCormick who served as CEO of Bridgewater Associates one of the world’s largest hedge funds.

His America first agenda pushes standing up to China, ending covid mandates, and first amendment rights.

But he’s up against Tv star Dr. Oz who was endorsed by former President Trump pushing the use of natural gas in Pennsylvania.

Political Commentator Kathy Barnette is also in the running who is pro-life actively speaking out against the recent Roe v. Wade issue.

We’ll be following McCormick’s race for you Tonight he’s expected to arrive in a few hours as the nation’s eyes are right here on our home State this Evening.

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