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Solar Eclipse Glasses

The solar eclipse is almost here. Local physicians say, despite over 90% percent of the sun expected to be blocked by the moon, people viewing the solar eclipse from our region should be wearing glasses every time they look at it.

“There’s been a flooding of counterfeit glasses on the market, according to multiple news agencies. If you stare at the eclipse, with inappropriate glasses, it can literally burn the retina and cause blindness.”

Attorney General Michelle Henry says to be wary of scams targeting consumers planning to view the phenomenon.

She says to be sure your glasses are marked with the international safety standard certification number “I.S.O. 12312-2.” ISO stands for ‘International Standardization Organization.’

Dumire says it’s “Just like welding. You can’t see through the welder’s mask unless you turn on the welding device.”

According to retailers, solar glasses can be found in select local supermarkets, plus Walmart, Lowes, or Best Buy. Health experts say to not be surprised, if a store is out of stock, close to the time of a solar eclipse.

They say ordering solar eclipse glasses online now, rather than later, will give you a higher chance of getting them before the solar eclipse.

A local man tells me he wants to see increased availability of solar glasses for people who may not be able to get them easily.

If you are unable to obtain glasses in time, experts suggest making what they call a ‘pinhole projector.’ You can do this by poking a small hole in a piece of paper (preferably tin foil). then shine it onto a blank, flat surface.

Select officials say to put the solar glasses in a safe place as you could decide to use them later and to not throw them away, unless they are not properly certified.


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