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State College Crisis Management Seminar

Where do we go from here? Thats a question educators, parents and many others have in the wake of mass casualty events at schools.

This week, a seminar in State College, led by a Nationally known expert in crisis management, is providing school administrators with new ideas.

Gary Sinderson has more.

Among the most troubling signs for the nation’s youth

“Recently the leading cause of death for our kids has become thats shaped our response”

Cheri Lovre, from the Crisis Management Institute, talks to many Nationwide in the wake of school mass casualty events.

“The morning after an event we’ll have a meeting that involves all the parents and all the students.we give them information from various places. the mayor, the superintendent,the police chief, and so on.then we open it to questions. one of the first questions usually is a student asking, how can I feel safe in my school”

Lovre this week in State College, talking, networking, providing advise to area school administrators are there possible positive outcome blueprints

“In any response about sixty percent fits into that blueprint. then there will be aspects that are outside, not on the radar and we have to figure it out in the moment, but there is a great deal we can anticipate”

When asked if she feels students are generally safe in schools the answer a resounding yes

“So when I look at kids safely in school,its 1600 times safer in school, than out of school, in the likelihood of dying”

But Lovre adds the last two years will have a lasting impact

“We may be moving into more normal activities from the pandemic, the follow up will be along have lost two years of socialization and thats very stressful for teachers right now”

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