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State College Sinkhole Update

A massive sinkhole has a number Patton Township residents seeking answers from authorities, ahead of a an anticipated meeting this Friday.

A sinkhole swallowed a parking lot Christmas night, displacing 18 households. Ahead of Friday’s meeting on the situation, a number of area residents telling us they want answers and relief.

Brian Heiser, the State College Borough Water Authority’s executive director, which covers the Centre Region, on Wednesday tells us there was a meeting Dec. 27 at the scene for those affected by the sinkhole.

“It was discussed that the site would be secured, which there has been temporary fencing put around the site that was installed on Wednesday, so that would’ve been December 28th. And so, the owner’s insurance companies would have an opportunity to take a look at the site in the condition that it is currently in.”

Heiser says the site’s been secured.

“The pipe material was pulled out of the sinkhole, but it remains onsite inside the fenced in area, in the event that an insurance agent would want to look at it. We are also, through a geotechnical engineering firm, collecting some information on the site, on the sinkhole, the stability of it.”

There will be a meeting this Friday at 10am at 100 Patton Plaza. It is anticipated by area residents and authorities looking into the sinkhole, representatives from different insurance companies are expected to attend.

“we are prepared to begin repairs as soon as we have some information back from the agency that’s taking care of the buildings as well as, as soon as we know that any insurance company that wanted an opportunity to look at the hole has had an opportunity to look at the hole.”

Heiser tells us once they square away all the details with the insurance companies, the next steps should hopefully become clearer.

Some sticking points for residents we’ve spoken with are the insurance costs for the repairs, as well as relief and repayment for those who will likely have to move permanently. We’ll have to wait for Friday’s meeting to see if those questions receive answers.

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