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Update in Case of Westmont Teacher/Student Rape Case

We have an update to the case of the former Westmont Elementary Music Teacher accused of raping a Student. They say the 2015 case can no longer go forward. Charges have been dismissed against the former Westmont Elementary Music Teacher after authorities say circumstances are preventing them from making progress. The decision was approved by Judge Norman A. Krumenacker.

The alleged victim in this case says she was a Student of the Teacher ‘Shawn Miller’ until 6th grade. Police say the victim reported Miller having her stay after school hours, advancing, and sexually assaulting her. She says it happened multiple times at the now old Westmont Elementary School which has since been demolished.

The Cambria County District Attorney’s office released a statement saying quote: “The charges against Shawn Miller were withdrawn after an evidentiary issue arose which made it ethically and constitutionally improper to continue to proceed with the case at this time. The charges were withdrawn without prejudice, meaning the charges can be re-filed at any time. The Commonwealth will move forward with the charges in the future if able to do so. The victim in this case remains in our thoughts and prayers.”

In a separate case, Miller still faces charges of Indecent Assault of a Person less than 13 Years of Age and Intercourse/Sexual Contact with a Student in School. That case remains under investigation.

When Miller was arrested last year, we reported that the Criminal Complaint filed against Miller said he had a long history of accusations of inappropriate touching and behavior with other Students. In fact, before this case back in 2011, he was investigated by the Cambria County District Attorney. However, according to the 2022 Criminal Complaint, the DA’s Office decided against criminal charges in 2011. However, they asked the Westmont School Administration to require him to go to counseling and undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation. Last year’s Criminal Complaint said the District failed to take those actions.

The Complaint went on to say that an investigatory meeting was held in 2020, where Miller resigned in the face of 20 to 30 touching complaints filed against him in the District.

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