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Kaleidoscope Kicker

It’s time for the Kaleidoscope Kicker! It’s no secret that kids love their videogames. One woman decided she wanted to be funny and interrupted this guy playing with a virtual headset. Jokes on her!

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We recently met a retired teacher in Somerset County who’s taken on a whole new, unique hobby: tinsmithing. To learn the trade, Roy Phillips went all the way to Canada and started from scratch to learn how to make beautiful artwork. He and…

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Deer Creek Winery

Nowadays, we could all use a good vacation. Imagine a serene location away from your daily schedule. A porch to relax on with family or friends, a warm fire pit, and beautiful lights. The Deer Creek Winery offers just that.…

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Decker Chapel

Our area is full of hundreds of years of history. Part of that history sits front and center in St. Mary’s. If you blink driving by, you might miss it. In the mid 1800s, a man named Michael Decker built a small…

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