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15 Year Old Huntingdon County Homicide Trial Continues

The trial for a more than 15-year-old double homicide case in Huntingdon County began Tuesday afternoon.

Morico Johnson is accused of shooting and killing 31-year-old Beatrice Daniels and her niece, 22-year-old Christine McWhorter.

It was an emotional day in court as testimony continued Wednesday morning in the double homicide trial of Morico Johnson.

Johnson is accused of fatally shooting two women inside their Mount Union home, in January of 2009.

Wednesday morning’s testimony included a Pennsylvania State Trooper who had reportedly photographed the crime scene.

As the trooper discussed the details of the crime scene, one of the victim’s daughters had to leave the courtroom.

Johnson’s defense continues to argue that he was not the shooter, and claims that one of the victims was involved in a local drug ring.

On Wednesday, the jury heard testimony from three state troopers who responded to the double homicide scene, including one trooper who testified for more than four hours.

During the testimony, the trooper was questioned about the work of the forensic unit at the crime scene.

Morico Johnson’s defense claimed that there were several discrepancies in the investigation and argued that police lacked in collecting “significant evidence” from the scene.

Two of the state troopers also testified that one of the blood spots at the scene was not collected because “there was no further blood found” and they believed it to be from the victims.

In response to the defense’s claim that one of the victims was involved in a drug trafficking ring, multiple troopers testified that narcotics were reportedly found at the scene.

Throughout Wednesday’s testimony, the prosecution presented over 100 pieces of evidence from the scene, including bullet casings, photos of the crime scene, and the autopsy.

Some of the images shown were so graphic that some of the victims’ family members left the courtroom.

Testimony is expected to continue on Thursday.

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