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Former Majorette Lawsuit Against PSU Moving Forward

A federal suit filed by a former Penn State majorette against the university is moving forward.

The University wanted the lawsuit dismissed, but the latest order from a judge shows the case could be continuing into next year.

Kaitlyn Wassel filed a federal civil rights complaint late last year, claiming that while she was a Penn State majorette, she was subjected to bullying and harassment from her former

Allegations from four other former majorettes were also included in the suit.

Despite Penn State attempting to dismiss the suit, the presiding judge has issued what’s termed a “joint case management plan” for the case.

It reviews the issues of dispute, including whether Penn State violated Title IX regulations, and the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause, and was the alleged discrimination against Wassel in the context of Penn State education program or activities.

The presiding judge says both sides can now exchange discovery information about the case, on a wide range of related issues.

In fact, his preliminary schedule for the proceedings extends into next fall, October of 2025, and then has a suggested trial date for December of 2025.

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