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Adolescent Suicide Awareness

Clinical social worker, Adam Kleinman, says this year has seen the highest number of suicides in the history of our region.

In a recent case, leaders of the Tussey Mountain School District say two students reportedly committed suicide.

Kleinman says this is why it’s important to check in on someone who displays the following signs.

“Look for those red flags of social alienation. Also, isolation is big. It’s a good idea to make sure they have access to mental health services if need be. being proactive, by talking to the person, and getting them help as soon as possible is crucial.”

“With this age range, I think it’s really good that virtual treatment is available. so, if they can’t get to the office, online is fine. Virtual therapy is good too. evidence that I’m seeing is that it is just as effective if not more effective in some cases, than traditional in office therapy.”

Leaders of the Tussey Mountain school district say they decided to partner with multiple organizations to tackle this issue head-on.

They say in a statement: “The suicide contagion effect, or clustering, is unfortunately pronounced among adolescents and young adults. Our school district is very thankful for the support it received.”

The Tussey Mountain school district says they will continue to provide support to the community, staff, and students to combat this mental health crisis.

Experts say if you or a loved one are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self harm, to please call the National Suicide Hotline at 988.

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