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April Is Organ Donor Month

April is national donate life month. Officials and families affected are taking notice. Medical experts say someone new is added to the list of people in need of an organ or tissue every ten minutes. That’s why officials say they are encouraging people to register as organ donors.

Donors were thanked today at the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown, where a “donor wall” was unveiled to the public. “Throughout my years of practice, the most incredible act of love and kindness I have witnessed in these hours, is the selflessness of donors and their families. When the entire world is collapsing around them, they find courage and strength to say yes to donation, and to be the light in someone else’s life.”

Trina Abla from Penn Highlands says people who make the decision to register as an organ donor should notify their family first. She says this will help lessen strain on loved ones if the situation arises. She further reinforces her word by saying “I think it’s very important for people in our community to check off that box, because we have more than 100,000 patients across the nation who are currently awaiting transplants. Although living donation certainly is an option in some cases, having that registered is a very important piece of the program.”


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