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Artist Spotlight: Abraham Onkst

Encore Presentation

We’re shining our spotlight on Hollidaysburg artist Abraham Onkst.

Abraham Onkst is a painter, designer, and creator born and raised in beautiful rural Pennsylvania.

Ever since a young age Onkst has had a natural gravitation to the art world and all things creative. He first decided to pick up the brush when he was 13 years old and has not stopped since then.

Through years of trial and error, experimentation, practice, and patience Onkst has developed his own unique style that is gaining rapid traction with collectors worldwide. Onkst’s signature style is characterized by flowing layers, serendipitous splatters, action, movement, and lots of emotion. Onkst often hides words, motifs, numbers, and pertinent symbols in his works.

Although born and raised in the small town of Hollidaysburg Pennsylvanian, art has allowed Onkst to travel and do showings in NYC, South Florida, Texas, California, and much more. Onkst is currently studying for his MFA.

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