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Pa Covid Case Update

While everyone is trying to move on from the pandemic, numbers have been on the rise in recent weeks in Pennsylvania.

Crispin Havener looks at where the recent spikes have been focused on and why there may be signs of improvement.

While a lot of folks are throwing up their hands when it comes to Covid and going about their lives as they knew it pre-pandemic…the virus is showing it’s here to stay.

While Pennsylvania Covid numbers are far below record numbers data shows covid numbers sharply rising in May

There are some signs the worst of the latest surge is over. The 7-day case average has been slowly going back down over the past 2 weeks, and hospitalizations are as well.

Also CDC data shows much of our local area has been spared this time around. Only Centre County is above the low threshold of community transmission high transmission seen in major metro areas Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Wilkes Barre Scranton, and Erie.

But as new variants emerge, there are concerns about the effectiveness of current vaccines. Dr. Anthony Fauci saying the future of vaccinations will more mimic something Covid critics have long called the virus.

“There is certainly a reasonable chance that we have a situation we have with influenza.”

“We should really be and ultimately will be keeping your vaccinations up to date, meaning a certain period of time without having gotten a boost that you would be due for a boost.”

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