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Bellefonte Warehouse Back On Track

In Centre County, plans for one of the largest commercial buildings in the county remain on track after being unveiled last year and then temporarily withdrawn.

It was almost a year ago last April when plans for a massive warehouse near Bellefonte were first presented.

It was reportedly to be located in the Benner Commerce Park, covering more than 100 acres and a million square feet.

Situated near interstates 99 and 80, the warehouse was expected to employ more than 700 people.

But among the main questions then, who exactly would be using the warehouse? Amazon, Fed Ex or a similar company. It was never revealed.

“I have concerns about what they’ll be transporting and shipping,” Centre County Commissioner Steve Dershem said at the time. “What are they going to be warehousing?”

A short time later, though, the plans were withdrawn, but by August, they were resubmitted and received conditional approval from the Centre County planning commission.

Now the warehouse plans review process are continuing, primarily with the Benner Township supervisors.

But others are involved, including state agencies with storm water, traffic impact, and other related issues.

There’s talk of construction beginning by the end of the year but that’s uncertain. The township and county will need to give final approval. Also still not publicly revealed, the company that will be using the warehouse.

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