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Jeff Thomas Trial Day 2

Following another brief recess, the victim testified about her public meeting that she had with Thomas following the recorded phone call.

Thomas and the victim allegedly met at the Primanti Brother’s restaurant in Johnstown.

The victim told the jury that she was in possession of a cell phone and key fob, provided by state police, that acted as secret recording devices.

“I wanted him to tell me what he did. I wanted him to tell me that I wasn’t wrong.”

During the conversation, Thomas reportedly told the victim “I’m sorry. I wish I could say something to make this better. I’m confused.”

“I was never under the impression that I was doing something that you weren’t okay with. I’m sorry you’re in this position. It will never happen to you or anybody else ever again. It’s 100% my bad. We have two different versions about what happened,” Thomas reportedly told the victim during their conversation.

The victim testified that a state police trooper was waiting for her outside the restaurant after the conversation was over.

“I needed to get out of there. My heart was pounding out of my chest.”

After the recording was over, the prosecution ended its questioning of the victim and court was adjourned for the day.

The defense is set to cross-examine the victim during Friday’s testimony.

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