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Blair County Temple Beth Israel Pet Blessing

Officials at Temple Beth Israel in Altoona said on Sunday community members gathered outside the Temple looking to bless animals in the community.

Rabbi at Temple Beth Israel Audrey Korotkin said they do this annually around this time as Jewish people around the world read through the scripture of Noah and the Ark.

“It’s our opportunity to share some prayers and thoughts and welcome animals into our lives, We have a responsibility to all of the animals in our care and to make sure that they are well treated and well taken care of.”

Attendees of the event, such as David Maller, said they wanted to be a part of the blessing because they are very thankful for their pets. Some even said when they took their pet in, they did not save the pet, their animal saved them.

“Having animals is a real, true blessing and they’re a great part of our lives and we love them.”

Organizers said the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society was also involved, bringing a dog looking to be adopted while donations were made to help the humane society.

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