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Cambria County Box 11 Organization

Five Firefighters were sent to the hospital this weekend from structure fires in Cambria and Clearfield Counties.

Reporter Baylee Wojcik spoke to one local organization that works to provide aid to both the victims and first responders in emergency situation.

This Weekend, multiple firefighters were injured on scene in Cambria and Clearfield Counties. The Cambria County Box 11 organization says they work to prevent those injuries and support both victims
and crews at emergency incidents.

On Saturday, two Firefighters were trapped in a burning garage in Curwensville and were later transported to the hospital with another injured crew member. The fire led to an estimated $100 thousand dollars in damage.

Just one day later, two firefighters were injured at a fire in the Meadows Apartment Complex in Patton that was later deemed accidental by authorities on scene.

Although the injured firefighters have all been discharged and are back to normal, the Camrbia County Box 11 Group says they’re always prepared to help crews and community members in need.

“Our team is tasked with providing hydration and nutrition to the firefighters that come to the incidents.”

“What we have to do is get the guys rested and re-hydrated and back into the fight to fight the fires.”

Box 11 members traveled to the apartment fire in Patton alongside emergency crews. There, they say they formed a station where elderly residents could rest in the shade, and firefighters and ems could re-hydrate after handling the emergency.

“It’s good to have spaces where you can provide water and kind of relaxation and comfort measures so that ems and medical personnel can get a check in on the firefighters and other first responders who are battling the blazes or doing whatever on the incident.”

Box 11 Captain Lianna Weir says she’s noticed that many first responders experience injuries after fires and other incidents. She says she considers Box 11’s work to be preventative care.”

“The services that we provide are essential. It’s not just about giving a bottle of water or somewhere to sit, it’s about protecting peoples homes and property. And I’m really proud to be a part of this group.”

If you’re interested in supporting Box 11, visit their page on Facebook


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