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Campbell Homicide Trial Day Two

The trial of Cole Campbell, who is accused of shooting and killing his 40-year-old neighbor at a residence in Clay Township, in April of last year, continued Wednesday in Huntingdon County.

On Wednesday, the jury heard testimony from the forensic expert who performed the autopsy on Timothy Skipper Jr.

He testified that Skipper was first shot in the leg, a wound that would have “immobilized” him.

The forensic expert then testified that the next two shots fired by Campbell were what killed Skipper.

Throughout Wednesday’s testimony, Campbell’s defense argued that Skipper was “not an innocent man” and stated that he was a convicted felon and former drug user.

The defense also continued to argue that Campbell acted in self-defense.

In response, the forensic expert testified that no drugs or alcohol were found in Skipper’s system during the autopsy.

Prosecutors are scheduled to continue calling witnesses into Wednesday evening.

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