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Campbell Homicide Trial Day Three

Testimony concluded Thursday in the homicide trial of Cole Campbell, a Three Springs man who is accused of shooting and killing his neighbor last year.

The third day of testimony included the defense calling Campbell’s father-in-law to the stand.

He claimed that he only had one interaction with the victim, 40-year-old Timothy Skipper Jr., prior to the shooting.

He testified that Skipper had also confronted him about allegedly speeding through the neighborhood and that during that confrontation, Skipper allegedly brandished a firearm that he had underneath his jacket.

Prosecutors questioned the testimony and claimed that it was similar to a story that Campbell had told about a separate encounter between he and Skipper.

The prosecution argued that while there is video evidence of the shooting that killed Skipper, there is no such evidence of these other alleged encounters.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Friday morning.

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