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Centre County Grange Fair

Beginning this week, in Centre County, it’s another edition of the Grange Fair. A unique experience for both those camping at the fair, and visitors.

As Gary Sinderson tells us the event, and the fair grounds continues to see changes.

What ever you may think of it plenty here still get plenty excited this event

“So can you not only see those one thousand tents, one thousand five hundred Rv’s, three hundred concessions,two ride vendors,nationally known entertainers at the grandstand,over 7 thousand items on exhibit,with a gate in excess of two hundred thousand,its the great Grange Fair

The Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair, or Granger’s Picnic as it sometimes is called now in its 148th year

“We started in 1874 as an agricultural information gathering,and have remained true to those roots to this very day”

The fair includes close to one thousand, highly sought tent sites along with close t0 15 hundred Rv’ers folks all living here it’s own little community during the fair. In recent years, improvements and expansion for the fairgrounds.

More buildings, Grange Park has become one of the leading showcases for horse and dog shows, and similar exhibitions on the East Coast. The expansion has brought more modern day technology

“From a technology standpoint our goal is to ensure a group would have everything they need at grange park”

The fair has always hosted fundraisers, but a recent addition has taken off. Fair tickets are sold year around. Organizers came up with the idea of fund raising partners, various community organizations.

Buy fair tickets through one of the organizations. And money is donated back to that group

“Believe it or not, they were getting lots of calls around Christmas,because what do you get they thought lets organize rolled out last year and this year became extremely popular”

More than 25 thousand dollars was raised through the partnership last year. Although there’s events beforehand this week, opening ceremonies for this year’s grange fair will be held this Friday night at 7 o’clock.


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