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Centre County Warehouse Update

A week after we told you about a potential, major development in Centre County with plans for hundreds of jobs and a massive warehouse, Centre County administrators Today say they still don’t know who the company is backing the project.

What is known is the proposed development site for the Bellefonte warehouse in Benner Township off of Penntech Drive, just outside of Bellefonte.

“I think the public knows we don’t know who this is.we learned last week theres a non-disclosure agreement in place”

Its the NDA Non Disclosure Agreement, up front in the planning process thats unique and at this point, keeping the potential employer, the company backing the project secret

“This is the first time we’ve had a developer not indicate who the end user is”

Preliminary plans include a $1 million square feet warehouse, on 103 acres. 900 Parking spaces for truck bays and employees with the workforce totaling close to 700. As more details become public more concerns and questions about the project

“There are ongoing concerns about traffic, about air pollution, about pollution runoff from sinkholes into the nearby aquifers”

Tuesday, the Centre County Commissioners approve a memorandum of understanding with Benner Township on the project a preliminary step in a review process that will also involve state agencies, including D.E.P. And Penndot.

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