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Charges Pending In Fatal Interstate 80 Fatal Accident Last Winter

A deadly crash on Interstate 80 last winter in Centre County has led to criminal charges against a California truck driver.

Police say the driver reportedly lost control of his big rig on a snowy stretch of the interstate.

On November 13th, 2022, state police say Resham Singh, of Montebello, California, was traveling in the eastbound lane of I-80, in Snow Shoe Township, driving a Freightliner truck loaded with furniture, when he lost control of the vehicle on a curve.

Investigators say he drove off the roadway, hit a traffic sign, and then an embankment

In the truck’s sleeper section was Kulwat Singh. Police say he was thrown out of the vehicle as it overturned and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Resham Singh is now facing several charges related to the death and reckless driving. One criminal count is a misdemeanor, and the remainder are summary offenses.

Police say Singh reportedly did not have a commercial driver’s license from any state at the time of the crash.

He remains free while awaiting further court action.

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