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Clearfield Borough And Lawrence Twp. Police Merger

The Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township Police are now under one roof, working as a single department.

The Clearfield Regional Police Department officially began operations on Sunday.

The merger has been in “serious talks” for 13 months, says the Chief and Assistant Chief.

It wasn’t as hard of a transition as we thought it would have been, Says Chief Vincent McGinnis. “I don’t really see any obstacles from yesterday. Everything seemed to transition really well. For the police department, it was really just a normal work day for us.”

Assistant Chief Julie Curry notes that officers have already been working in the same building for two weeks. She states she thinks this was beneficial in the move as well.

Officials also are reminding the public that some police cars will still have the old designs on them, that is until they get re-painted with the new designs.

Clearfield Regional Police also say that the original phone numbers will still go to their department: (814)765-7819, (814)765-1647, (814)765-1648 & Non Emergency: (814)765-1533

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