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Cresson Shooting Victim Identified

We have details surrounding the victim in the deadly shooting in Cambria County. The girlfriend of the victim is speaking out.

Ambrose Bowers is the man that died in last Sunday’s shooting in Cresson and his girlfriend Kailey Lamer told FOX 8 the last thing she said to him was “I’ll see you in a few minutes.” That was after Bowers left the Shovel Head Tavern, which Lamer is a Bartender at. Lamer says she tried to contact Bowers to stop at the store before coming to the bar, but he didn’t get the message until he got to the bar at about 11:30 pm.

Police say while at the bar, Bowers stepped into a conversation with Douglas Leap, who asked a another patron to join him outside with the patron declining multiple times. Just before midnight, Bowers was going to run to the store and come back to the bar. Lamer says not long after that, she learned that a man was shot just down the street from the bar and was dead in the road.

Lamer says she dropped to her knees when she was told it was Bowers and later said her goodbyes at the scene. Lamer saying: “I was running down the sidewalk and I was looking down at my feet while I was running and I looked up and I seen him… I again dropped to the ground and I screamed. Everything that happened in the bar was calm and this would’ve never been what I thought the outcome was going to be.”

Douglas Leap, who was at the bar that night, is facing a homicide charge for the death of Ambrose Bowers and is scheduled to appear in Court next week.

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