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PA Couple Drown at Florida Beach

A Pennsylvania couple from Chester County has tragically died after getting caught in a rip current while swimming at a Florida beach on Thursday. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says Brian Warter and Erica Wishard were on vacation with their children at Stuart Beach when they got caught in rough waters.

Officials say there was a red flag warning, but the closest flag was at least 400 feet from where the family was located. Two of the six teenagers were swimming with the couple and were able to get out of the rip current. The others watching from the beach called for help.

Chief Deputy John Budensiek of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office saying: “at least one of their children, called 911. Our dispatcher can hear the child yelling, trying to talk them through swimming diagonally, trying to talk them through fighting a rip current. But, unfortunately, they were not successful,”

The parents were pulled from the water and CPR was performed before they were rushed to the hospital where they were declared dead.

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