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Grandinetti Re-Trial Update

The re-trial for a Cambria County man accused of murder in a deadly Johnstown shooting that happened about 5 years ago began in front of a jury Wednesday

Nicole Fuschino was outside of Cambria County courthouse Nicole what can you tell us?

You may remember that the trial for Mizzon Grandinetti actually started back January but the judge declared a mistrial.

So, they had to start over again and here we are a few months later where Mizzon sat in front of a brand new jury.

Grandinetti is charged with the murder of 21-year-old Barron Grumbling who police say was shot to death near Oakhurst Homes back on May 1st, 2017.

Officials say the mistrial was granted in January when a witness brought something up during their testimony about Grandinetti’s prior conduct that violated specific terms made by the judge.

Both sides delivered their opening arguments and presented evidence including photos, 911 calls, and DNA evidence reports.

The defense says the shooter was a different person who was also with the friend group that night who was also wearing a red hoodie, had a firearm, & was confused with Grandinetti.

But the commonwealth says DNA evidence does not confirm it was that other person but that it instead points to Grandinetti.

Five witnesses took the stand Wednesday including Detectives Mark Britton, Cory Adams, and Arnold Bernard along with two other witnesses with ties to the Oakhurst neighborhood.

The trial is being prosecuted by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

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